SQL Server 2017 Standard

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SQL Server 2017 Standard is a full-featured database that allows organizations and professionals to use integrated solutions, applications, and technology with their data. Manage your data and activities the way you want – on-site, in the cloud, or a mix of both.

SQL Server 2017 Standard Product Highlights:

  • Integration of applications
  • Data mining
  • Analytic tools and services
  • This product is a digital license
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SQL Server 2017 Standard

Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CDs/DVDs and boxes


SQL Server Standard 2017 is the unified data platform that transforms your business. With SQL Server 2017 Standard, you have access to one of the most potent database server systems you can get today.

In addition, you can create a complex data structure from where multiple applications can store and retrieve their data. SQL. Server 2017 Standard’s powerful analytic tools help you monitor and maintain your organization’s database servers for smooth operations.

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Language and platform flexibility

Use the language of your choice when building modern applications. Do your work on-site or through the cloud on Windows, Linux, and Docker containers.

Assured Security

According to the NIST vulnerabilities database, with Microsoft SQL Server 2017, keep your database secure with one of the least vulnerable platforms.

Monitor in real-time

Look into your activities for valuable information using real-time analytics at up to 1M predictions/second.

Mobile-friendly data reporting

Send data to your mobile device for greater accessibility without the high price of other self-service solutions.

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6 reviews for SQL Server 2017 Standard

  1. Nathalie Robbins

    This software has helped me and my colleague create shortcuts for preparing, designing, and deploying projects. Assignment labeled with a deadline, and the device may provide a warning if the task is not done before the due date.

  2. Lonnie Aguirre

    My personal experience has been very positive once I could dive into the product dashboard, look into online training and guides that helped provide a lot of great insight.

  3. Anayah Molloy

    Highly recommended-The best RDBMS package I’ve worked on so far. Best IDE-Let the wizard do simple stuff with a few clicks so that you can concentrate on the real DB tasks and write a question. Developers on your team are going to enjoy this database!

  4. Jim Benson

    SQL server has integrated Python and runs on Linux and Windows. Amazing functionality!

  5. Christopher Array

    My experience with this server is fantastic. I like how transparent the language for SQL 2017 standard is written. And the fact that I choose this software, has a friendly user interface because it allows us to create tables, stored functions, triggers, and more.

  6. Paul Wright

    My experience with the SQL server has been fantastic. It allowed me to query and work with a large dataset. Been 7 months into the database, and it has been great. I pretty enjoy working with it and pretty recommend it.

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