Billing and Payments Policy

Softvire (“We”) has been known for its high-quality and legitimate software since 2005. We are known for distributing antiviruses, internet security, and more software. It’s not only about premium quality software and affordable price, but we work on giving top-notch service that benefits the customers, including keeping each personal information safe and encrypted.

Softvire treats every customer’s financial and personal details with the best possible security. All information provided upon purchase will not be used, transmitted, or sold to any third-party entity for any reason. This payment policy is a notice given to all our clients to understand how information is safeguarded.

To comprehend how we manage your data, please review this page and other relevant information on our website. This policy indicates the payment and billing methods of Softvire and is an official document only intended to be used in line with Softvire’s official website and services.

When you buy from or visit Softvire, you understand and agree to the policies outlined in this section. If you need clarity regarding our payment processes and policies, please get in touch with us at Our customer service personnel will get back to you as soon as possible.

Money Transaction

 Softvire doesn’t manage the customer’s financial information. We have entrusted the collection and security of payment from our payment partner. This is to ensure better security and services when conducting any online transactions. We ensure that our selected payment partner provides the industry with the best protection and quality standards.

Our Payment Partner

 We have partnered with Stripe (“They”), the leading suite of APIs for online payment processing for all businesses. They have the best features, from fast payment to a better security system. They have been used to process hundreds of billions yearly, from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Stripe guarantees to manage the customers’ data securely. They offer the best fraud detection system powered by machine learning to detect and block fraudulent activities and secure valuable information.

You can learn more about how Stripe manages your information and payment details by visiting its privacy policy page.


 After browsing our selection of premium software products, you can add the item to your cart and proceed to the checkout section. Once on the checkout page, you must provide all necessary information, including name, address, phone number, credit card number, etc.

Our payment partner will take a few seconds to process your payment. Do not close or refresh the browser during this transaction. 

Information After Payment

 Stripe carefully processes all your payment information. During the payment process, your transaction is encrypted with our payment partner’s security technology, including but not limited to in-transit and at-rest encryption and standards consistent with the highest level provided by the PCI-DSS requirements.

We secure your transaction with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to keep your data safe while conducting a transaction.

Softvire does not store or access information about our customer’s credit cards. We only have access to data that is required for the processing of orders. You can read our Privacy Policy for more details.

You can read more on how Stripe manages payment and customer data here.


 Stripe is one of the leading payment processing names in the industry. We have partnered with Stripe for the security it offers to our customers. Stripe includes the following data security to protect our data and our customers.

  • It gives each party/user administrative, technical, and physical control over what information to protect from unauthorized access, accidental loss, or modifications.
  • Ensures to be consistent with the highest level of PCI-DSS requirements.
  • Requires HTTPS for all TLS-enabled services.
  • Card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256.
  • Protects against any IP claims and indemnifies against all IP claim losses.
  • It uses Radar, a machine learning technology, to help detect any fraudulent transaction for Business Users to help customers with any concerns related to fraudulent activities.
  • Stripe has different ways of collecting data that are necessary for transactions. You can read how they collect and process payment information from end users, businesses, end customers, and representatives. You can check out their privacy policy for more details on their data collection.

The PCI-certified auditor has examined Stripe and certified them with a PCI Service Provider Level 1. This level, according to the PCI DSS, Level 1 is designed to provide the highest level of security for a business that transmits, stores, and processes credit card data. In addition, it is only given to merchants that process more than 6 million Visa transactions a year, which Stripe does.


 Softvire’s payment partner, Stripe, offers the highest quality security to detect fraudulent activities and protect end users and merchants. They use machine learning technology to detect unauthorized transactions, changes, and logins. For more details on how they fight fraud, here.

Softvire, conversely, also protects customers from unauthorized transactions by requiring email and phone confirmation of orders. Once payment is done, you’ll have to wait for your order to be processed within business hours and days.

Upon order processing, you will receive a confirmation email from us. You must reply to the confirmation email before your order is shipped. This is to inform us that the transaction made is legitimate. We will also reach out via phone for confirmation.

Ensure to confirm your orders via email and phone for us to start processing and shipping your orders. If no confirmation has been made within seven days, we will automatically issue a refund on your order.

For more details or queries, feel free to contact us at

Payment Method

Softvire accepts credit card payments via Stripe. Stripe supports multiple processing payments in over 135 currencies. Stripe allows several brands of cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Cartes Bancaires, Interac, American Express, China UnionPay, Japan Credit Bureau, and Discover & Diners.

Change or Review of Payment Policy

This payment policy is subject to change at any time. We will post the updated payment policy on this page if any changes are made.