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Please write for us! If you have insights on PRODUCTIVITY or MICROSOFT APPS.


The Softvire blog exists to help people do 2 things:

  • Find the right productivity software to help them make their time as a business owner household head or as a student more convenient and efficient.
  • Help Microsoft users make the most of their productivity software

If you think you can help, we’d love to work with you!

How to submit

Be sure to read through the steps to get approved. This is an easy process that some people don’t follow. We’re all kinds of thankful if you won’t be one of them!

Here are the steps:

  1. Read through our blogs to see what kind of topics and tone we approve of. If you don’t, we’ll know, and your chances of publishing with us will drop.
  2. Send your Pitch to: writingteam@softvire.com

        Make the Email Subject: Guest Posting at Softvire

  3. Once approved, we’ll send the full GUIDELINES via email.
  4. Write your piece that you can be proud of. Check and recheck using writing tools.
  5. When submitting, include a link to your Google Doc and grant access to softvire.seo@gmail.com as EDITOR. We only review Google Docs.

Important Notes!

  • All articles submitted are subject to thorough quality check and proofreading by our editor.
  • By submitting your article to Softvire, you are giving us the copyright and can’t republish the same content elsewhere without our permission.
  • We have the right to reject submissions with low quality and when we feel like the content is irrelevant to our niche,

Ready to submit?

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Note: Due to the volume of submissions we get, you’ll only hear back from us if we’re interested in publishing your work.