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Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac is an excellent software designed for recording a user’s screen, such as tutorials, online courses, webinars, online calls, and more. Grab videos and export in high quality, capture screenshots, edit images, record voice or sound, and so on. There is no limit with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac Product Features:

  • Simple to use with only a few commands or steps to follow.
  • Schedule time and date of recording.
  • Share recordings via YouTube or Google Drive.
  • Create customizable shortcuts.
  • Show keyboard, mouse, and include mouse click.
  • Supports the following formats and more: MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, and JPG.
  • For Mac OS X devices.
  • 1 license/ Mac.
  • Digital license product.
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Disclaimer: This is a Digital License item. No physical component is included.

You can capture online calls, webinars, record online events, tutorials, or anything you want to screengrab on your Mac device using the Movavi Screen Recorder. This powerful software records video in its best and highest quality and with only simple tools needed to be remembered.

Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac is a simple software with easy to learn user interface so that you can focus more on your work. You can get your copy at Softvire Au at the best price.

Simple Steps

With three simple and easy to remember steps provided by this software, you can get the best out of it.

  • Choose the area you desire to record or capture and adjust settings.
  • Hit the REC button and let the magic begin.
  • After recording, you can edit the video with its built-in editing tool and save your video in an HD format.

Schedule Recordings

Set when you want to start your recording by choosing the date and time. Furthermore, it allows users to set how long a video should be recorded.

Separate Streams

It allows users to capture or grab screens separately. Record a video and audio separately or simultaneously.

Use as Screencast Software

Use your software as a screencast, allowing you to record your voice, capture face with a webcam, and grab internal, sounds.

Share Recording Online

After editing your recordings, easily share your creations on YouTube or Google Drive. Share your screenshots on social media platforms.

Customizable Shortcuts

You can create your won shortcuts when recording.

Convert with Convenience

Convert your recordings using the SuperSpeed tools and export your recordings in high quality.

Keystroke Visible

Let your viewers get a glimpse of your keyboard when recording particularly tutorial videos.

Take and Edit Screenshots

Easily take screenshots of a video in a high-quality and edit the image in the preview mode. Add graphics and annotations when needed.

Mouse Effects

Similar to your keyboard, you can also display your mouse during the recording and add certain mouse effects. Add a highlit cursor or the click sound.

Format Supported

It supports various formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, and JPG to mention a few.

8 reviews for Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

  1. Laura Elliot

    I got achieved what I need and getting so on. Our designer and animator make design, so we share that move and related issue with this tool. This is making easy our business problems.

  2. Darren Martin

    The good thing about Screen capture Pro is how easy it is to use. The aspect that you can record audio as well as video, unlike most screen capture systems. It makes it much better than later mixing sound in.

  3. Eva Wilkes

    The ease of use that this app provides is just fantastic. It’s fair to assume that it’s self-explanatory. All you have to do is look over all of your options before you start. I really like how easy it is to link the video (in MP4 format) to your website.

  4. Hakeem Wright

    I like how it record my screen for sharing later manually via dropbox, youtube links—good software for record video lessons for other users.

  5. Bertie Roberson

    Movavi is cheaper, more stable, has better hardware support, and therefore it is way faster. The learning curve of Movavi is less steep, and even beginners will quickly start to master this software. I tested this software on a system that only had an intel i7 7700k.

  6. Connor Drake

    With Movavi, I can capture online calls, webinars, record online events, tutorials, or anything I want to screengrab on my Mac. This powerful software records video in its best and highest quality and with only simple tools needed to be remembered.

  7. Haleemah Short

    Movavi Screen Recorder is simple to use and has a timer feature, so you don’t have to stand by your computer; it shuts off automatically when you want it to.

  8. Maurice Knights

    There are other screen recorders available, but none of them can compete with the Movavi Screen Recorder. It’s effortless to use, and while having a lot of features, it’s not at all complex! I highly recommend it! Movavi shows that the essentials do not have to come in large packages.

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