Broderbund: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Family Edition v2

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Family Edition is designed to fully unleash the your typing skills potential. With a variation of typing technique including Finger positioning exercise, you have a complete package.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Family Edition v2 Product Highlights:

  • New! Typing Game Zone: Test speed and brain power. Progress from novice to Wizard over six interactive levels.
  • Manage up to eight users.
  • Install and use on up to three computers.
  • Integrated family management tool and parent guide.
  • Proven effective results from eight hours of step-by-step instruction.
  • New and improved user-friendly system for everyone from ages eight to 88.
  • Set goals, celebrate your achievements, and keep everyone inspired to do more.
  • 12 Interface themes and many options to adjust to each family member’s style, age, and overall needs. Control speed and outcome on an individual basis.
  • New! 12 Updated videos show stretch tension relief techniques that promote healthy typing habits.
  • Over 100 typing tests and skill checks measure progress.
  • This product includes physical and digital formats and supported on Windows or macOS X only.
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Type better than ever with the all-new Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing! The newest Family Edition v2 features expert typing instruction and licenses for up to eight users. Success comes easy with our latest award-winning Mavis Teaches Typing program. It’s educational and fun!

Three Licenses For Up To Eight Users

With three licenses for up to eight users, the family edition is made to include everyone. Install and use on up to three computers; no one will be left out of the typing fun! Keep track of everyone’s progress with an integrated family management tool and parent guide — available only in the Family Edition.

The Success-Based Typing Tutor

Designed by educators, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by UltraKey uses a success-based approach to typing instruction. This powerful and motivating method sharpens new skills. Set personal goals and achieve them, one by one. Guided roadmaps aid your progress. Expert instruction, positive reinforcement, and interactive games encourage you to type your best.

Best Typing Software For Families

For faster, more accurate typing skills, trust Mavis Beacon — the #1 typing tutor for 30 years running. Your family will benefit from this efficient approach to learning and mastering typing fundamentals. The Family Edition typing program is packed with helpful features that make learning to type easy and fun.

Master Typing In Seven Steps

Expert instruction, positive reinforcement, and typing tests encourage best practices and overall typing success. With the latest guided instruction, family members of all ages will type with greater speed and accuracy in just seven steps.

Enjoy while learning

There are ten arcade-style practice games you can play while you enhance your typing skills. These games are well-designed enjoyable games such as helping penguins and blowing asteroids.

More lessons for beginners

There are more than 2500 lessons available that you can choose from. You have the liberty to start from the basic or whatever your level of expertise is.

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11 reviews for Broderbund: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Family Edition v2

  1. Theo Simmon

    When I was younger, I never learned to type. This software is the best one I have bought and is ideal for 3 computers. The price has been fair, and the software is clear and efficient,

  2. Nabilah Wilson

    Mavis Beacon works good has no problems that come up so far. Other than having written this review.

  3. Baron Randall

    I got this typing teacher while my sister-in-law lived with me, so I could teach her to type faster, I figured if I had a real typing software, where little letters fall from the sky, she would learn to type faster, and she did. It offered more details than I had expected. She just liked it.

  4. Chace Rasmussen

    Awesome product! If you are a beginner in typing. It was a great tutor, and it improved my typing tremendously.

  5. Jonathan Burks

    It works nicely and there are several options for adding more security measures.

  6. Bradleigh Wilks

    I was able to create a professional-looking invoice for handyman services I provided for a customer. Next, I’ll use the Printmaster program to create fresh business cards.

  7. April Braun

    I was familiar with Print Master since I had an earlier version that would not upgrade to Windows 10. I’m glad I found a suitable replacement. It’s simple to use, everything I produce appears professional, and it’s mainly shop purchased. I love it!

  8. Scott Caldwell

    My whole family is having a great time learning to type and having fun simultaneously.

  9. Emile Thorpe

    Printmaster products have been around for decades and have a solid reputation for quality. This is the one if your child wants something less expensive than Apple design goods or Corel.

  10. Harry Decker

    I have used it, and it definitely helped improve my skills in a short period of time.

  11. Briana Millington

    Excellent program for those who wish to keep typing skills at a reasonable level.

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