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Pinacle Studio Ultimate: Screen Recorder and Video Editing Software Review

Pinnacle Studio is one of the best and most advanced video editing and screen recorders available. It has become faster and more powerful than before, thanks to the latest version. Moreover, both beginners and professionals will benefit from using this program to create content.

If you’re looking for a software program to edit your video, here’s a Pinnacle Studio review you should read before selecting which software to purchase.

Pinnacle Studio: One of the Best Software for Making Videos


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a video editing software that was one of the first on the market. However, its name was not as well-known as it is today. Pinnacle’s features were formerly limited, and the software often stopped. Pinnacle was improved after being purchased by Corel and has now become one of the best video editing tools. Adobe Premiere Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Filmora are all examples of high-end software.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate

When Pinnacle launched the Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate version, it brought new and improved functionality to the program, putting it at the top of the video editing software industry.

However, Pinnacle does not end there! Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, their latest edition, offers much greater video editing capabilities and is even quicker than the previous version.

The most recent version includes better keyframing tools for optimizing your edits, new overlays and graphics collection, configurable motion title graphics, and enhanced video masking capabilities.

How Much Does Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Cost?

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a one-time purchase program that does not need a monthly or annual subscription plan. Its price, either bought from the company’s official website or a reseller’s website, will not be more than $200.

You pay a higher fee for a product that has high-end features for creating beautiful and outstanding videos. Its price is the same as or similar to that of its competitors.

The drawback of Ultimate is that there is no trial or free version available. Pinnacle only offers a free trial with limited features. Their free version is not comparable to the Ultimate package they offer. As a result, the only way for you to learn about the program is to read reviews about it.

System Compatibility

If you are a Mac user, you cannot use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, but you can try other software that is comparable to it. On Windows users, the most recent version of Ultimate is only available for Windows 10 with a 64-bit CPU.

Since the Ultimate edition is intended for editing high-quality videos, you should expect it to need more space, resolution, and graphics on your PC to run. If you really need to work on UHD, multi-camera, or 360 videos, you will need more than 8 GB of RAM.

When installing Pinnacle on your device, you will need an 8 GB HDD space as well as a fast internet connection to complete the installation and registration of your program. After that, you’ll be able to use it offline.

Import and Export Files

The Import dialog box asks users if they want to open or record a media file. It has a variety of import options, including DVD, stop motion, multi-cam capture, and PC folders.

Pinnacle supports a wide variety of video formats for editing, including HDV, MOV, GoPro LRV, MXF, and many more.

There is also a multi-cam option in the Import folder. When a camera is connected, users can record their screen or themselves. These clips may be saved, edited, and reused in other projects.

Meanwhile, it can export your data in a variety of formats (DV, HDV, AVI, GIF, and more), regardless of whether they are on a disc, video format, or image.


When you use the software even on your home or welcome screen, Pinnacle has a pleasant gray background. You may flip between the four tabs or screens (Import, Edit, Export, and Home icon).

There are sales, additional applications, and tutorials available from the Home icon. Files (such as those listed above) can be imported and exported using the Import/Export windows.

The Edit screen is where all the editing happens. It is where you’ll be spending most of your time. There are three editor interfaces in the Edit mode – library or media content on the left, preview on the right, and on the bottom is the timeline. You can move the preview mode on the left if desired or change the size of the panels.

The preview panel has controls such as advanced and rewind and switching between source and timeline. For the timeline, it is possible to expand or contract. The library panel can also work as an editor, where you can fine-tune a clip, access other tools like color correction, and more.

In addition, Pinnacle supports standard keyboard shortcuts and has a customizable option too. You can easily search the media or content that you need when editing your video.

New Features

The Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 24 includes new and improved features that help create better videos than ever.

Enhanced Video Masking

Video masking is enhanced and allows you to create edits frame by frame. The updated paintbrush tool for selection comes with an improved Smart Edge tool to select objects with different colors.

In the previous version, masking is made easy only by selecting objects with the same color. If you want to apply a mask on objects with different colors, you need to choose the subject and refine the mask precisely.

Streamline Editing with Flexible Keyframing Controls

The latest version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate has new and improved Keyframe controls. This feature is vital when you need to fine-tune effects, adjust the position and rotation, make some alterations on the transitions and effects, and remapping of clips. There are endless possibilities when using keyframe.

You can select multiple keyframes and edit them together. Furthermore, it also allows you to save it as a template to use on future projects.

Redesigned Title Editor

When it comes to creating a title or text graphic, Ultimate has significantly expanded its options. The latest version has an improved Title Editor. It lets you edit your title on the video preview, animate titles using keyframes, and add animations to a specific word or even on each letter.

Users can save their work as presets for future projects or copy it on other projects.

Furthermore, you can create 3D titles, choose your desired angle and light source, and the type of material to use, which is impressive. Pinnacle has an excellent option for creating titles compared to its competitors.

New Overlays and Graphics

With an extensive library of effects, transitions, and overlays, you will not run out of ideas or designs to add to your videos. The newest Pinnacle Studio has included more overlays and graphics to expand your creative process.

Other Features of Pinnacle Studio that Professionals Would Enjoy

Aside from the new and improved features of Pinnacle, some tools available can help create great video content.

Edit Colors with Color Grading

Ultimate has advanced options for controlling and adjusting the color panels. It has four options, Basic, Tone Curve, HSL Tuning, and Color Wheel.

The Basic panel includes adjustment of White Balance, exposure, contrast, lighting, saturation, haze correction, and vibrance.

The Tone Curve feature helps in adjusting effects and contracts.

HSL Tuning can intensify or brighten a color. It works in 8 different colors and even individually.

With more LUTs included, you can add more effects to your videos. It also works with high-end video cameras.

Professional video editors can also enjoy the use of waveform, vector, histogram, and RGB parade.

Capture and Edit Videos with Multi-Cam Editing and Screen Recording

You can edit multiple angles on a single event with the Ultimate version. Easily switch from one angle to another and create professional-looking videos.

The Ultimate version allows six multi-camera editing.

Screen recording and video capture are also a plus when you buy Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. You can record webinars, create gaming videos, commentary videos, tutorials, and so on.

Edit or Remove Background in Videos

With Chroma key, you can use a green screen when filming and edit the background to what you desire in Pinnacle.

You can change your background by dragging the image or footage with a green screen on the A/V Track 2 and the image or background you want on A/V Track 3. After which, double-click on the clip you want to change the background (A/V Track 2) to open the Editor tab. From there, click Effect > Keyers > select StudioChromaKeyer.

It will create a transparent background, so any images you add can be seen.

StudioChromaKeyer > choose Select Preset and choose from the following:

  • Default for Green Screen Key
  • Blue Screen Key for blue screen footage
  • No Preset for customizing option

You can also adjust the transparency of the background. Also, you can remove green screen borders at the edge of the foreground using the Spill Suppression.

Work with 360-degree Videos

You can edit and work with 360-degree videos using professional cameras. You can maintain your 360-degree content and apply basic edits or convert them to the standard 2D view.

Furthermore, create tiny planets or rabbit hole effects with your 360-degree videos and add effects like rotation and zoom.

Pros and Cons Summary


  • Affordable
  • Packed with professional tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Stable, new, and improved features
  • Flexible video masking (face and dynamic masking)
  • Plenty of effects, transitions, and overlays
  • Multi-cam and screen recording


  • Motion tracking limited
  • Only for Windows
  • Basic editing for 360-degree videos

Should You Buy Pinnacle Studio Ultimate?

Although Pinnacle Studio has a friendly interface, some of its tools are designed mainly for professional video editors. So, if you are willing to take the time to learn in-depth features to enhance your skills in video editing, then Pinnacle can be your software. Also, with the new features, you’ll be able to create a powerful and professional-looking video, which is similar to its competitors.

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