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    Floorplan Home & Landscape Pro w/ Lightworks

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    Floorplan Home & Landscape Pro w/ Lightworks

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    FloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro offers simple drag-and-drop design and automated features for easy home and landscape design. Plan all phases of your home from foundation, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing to the walls, windows, doors and custom roof.

    Floorplan Home & Landscape Pro Product Highlights:

    • QuickStart for a simple way to create custom home designs.
    • Floor Plan Trace to scan and trace your own floor plans.
    • Professional Designed Home Plan Templates.
    • Thousands of drag-and-drop symbols, materials, textures, and paint colors.
    • 2D/3D design with precise auto-dimensions.
    • Design Tools, Landscape Tools, Building Structure Tools.
    • Interior and Exterior Lighting Simulations and Fixtures.
    • Multiple ways to view your FloorPlan Design.
    • This product is a digital license.
    • This supports up to 1 Windows device.
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    Nero Burning 2020 (ESD)

    Nero Burning ROM
    Nero Burning ROM
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    Nero Burning 2020 (ESD)

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    Let your media files burn with the reliable creation of NERO which is designed to rip, burn, copy, and protect what you love best. Nero Burning software of 2020 ignites and integrates excellent quality and quantity because this product supports many file formats.

    NERO Burning 2020 (ESD) Product Highlights:

    • Rip, copy, and burn your videos or multimedia files.
    • Protect your most loved audio files and videos.
    • This product supports Windows.
    • This purchase is for a lifetime license.
    • This product is a digital license and does not include physical components.
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