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Watchdog PC Cleaner features advanced technologies designed fo boosting PC speed and cleaning up your system so your workhorse can last longer. By fixing issues that crashes and freezes your system, your PC will run smoother and in an optimized state. Get it now and restore your computer’s health.

Watchdog PC Cleaner Global Product Highlights:

  • Identify, clean, and fix registry issues.
  • Defragments files for faster access.
  • Speeds up a PC startup.
  • Scheduled and manual scans.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Supports 1 Windows PC only.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

Watchdog PC Cleaner can keep your file and app-cluttered PC up and running by fixing corrupt registry entries, wrong system configurations, and hidden issues in your OS; cleaning corrupt system files; finding missing DLL files; and so much more so you won’t experience hassles when working with your computer. Say goodbye to random crashes and freezes and have the best time working with your PC. Watchdog PC Cleaner also comes with an Advanced Registry Detection Technology that detects and removes/repairs registry file issues. Make your regular quick scan and make sure your PC is on its top operating condition!

Get Watchdog PC Cleaner Global today and keep your PC running on smoother without lags and delays. Get it at Softvire US to enjoy the best price deal!

Minimal Crashes and Freezes

With Watchdog PC Cleaner, you no longer have to experience crashes and freezes caused by corrupt registry entries and system files, hidden issues on operating system, missing DLL files, and other PC problems.

Improved Startup Manager

Watchdog PC Cleaner’s new start-up manager lets your select files to open during PC startup so opening your system will be quicker and easier. Simply click on the programs to launch during your PC boot-up and Watchdog automatically handles them every time your PC starts or restarts.

Clean Registry Issues

Watchdog PC Cleaner uses an Advanced Registry Detection Technology to detect and remove registry file issues or repair them when still possible. It also fixes wrong system configurations so you can un your apps smoothly.

Select Areas to Scan

It’s time to eliminate everything that burdens your PC with the advanced scan option of Watchdog. This setting allows you to choose areas of your PC that you think needs immediate scan, clean, and repair. From virtual devices to installation strings, temporary files, libraries, junk files, history and start menu, system software, and so much more, you can all run them on the scan dashboard.

Schedule Automatic Scans

Too busy to do your manual scan on any day? Then let you PC automatically scan your system whenever you’re not using it. It can be once a day, once a week, or any hour of the day.


Year Subscriptions


15 reviews for Watchdog PC Cleaner Global

  1. Meredith Leblanc Kristen Bouvet

    With Watchdog PC Cleaner, I no longer have to deal with crashes and freezes caused by damaged registry entries and system files, hidden issues on the operating system, missing DLL files, and other PC difficulties.

  2. Terence Goodwin

    A little expensive, but it’s worth every penny because it has an infinite backup, and once I run it on our computer, the tune-up PC output is outstanding. Excellent product and my sister also like it. I would recommend this to my friends.

  3. Tynan Cook

    It keeps my laptop running smoothly and in an optimized state. It also helps me to boost speed, free up space, and prolong my laptop’s health.

  4. Logan Richardson

    I loved the advanced technology that the Watchdog Privacy Guard gives. It prevents phishing and identity theft by stopping hackers, scammers, and fraudsters dead in their tracks. Thank you also for your good customer support. I will recommend it.

  5. Nur Manning

    Watchdog Anti-Malware uses our very best cluster of servers running several anti-virus engines, the most recent upgrades. Cloud Scanning Platform. You have the ability to scan multi motors on any of the disadvantages such as system drains or program crashes.

  6. Jan Fletcher

    Watchdog PC Clean Master keeps your computer running smoothly and optimally, boosting speed, freeing up capacity, and extending the life of my computer.

  7. Samiyah Huffman

    This antivirus protects me from all viruses, and that’s why I feel safe online!

  8. Blanche Pike

    Watchdog PC Cleaner’s new start-up manager lets your select files open during PC startup, so opening your system will be quicker and easier.

  9. Oliver West

    Softvire computer technicians suggested this computer protection, and it seems to be doing its job.

  10. Shayne Hutton

    It’s a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it since when I run it on our system, it provides an indefinite backup and fantastic PC tune-up performance. Outstanding customer service. Thank you!

  11. Jaskaran Ridley

    Watchdog PC Cleaner employs Advanced Registry Detection Technology to identify and eliminate registry file problems and fix them when feasible. It also corrects incorrect system settings, allowing you to uninstall applications easily.

  12. Jorden Pemberton

    However, even if it’s a little costly, the unlimited backup and outstanding PC tune-up performance make it a sound investment. Very excellent customer service, I’d say. Thank you so much!

  13. Glen Hibbert

    Several years ago, I invested in this software, and ever since, I’ve been so pleased with it that I’ve gladly recommended it to all of my friends and hope that they make use of it.

  14. Jesse Mcduffin

    I can confidently state that I am satisfied with it after using it for several years. So why should I change? I’m going to buy more of this in the future.

  15. Jago Lott

    This simple but effective program single-handedly saved my windows. I was stuck on 32-bit servers, and it destroyed them all!! Also, I image and clone, and never has this program ever given me a hard time reinstalling.

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