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Trend Micro Internet Security is the latest multi-device protection software that was designed with your family in mind. Shop, surf, and socialize online without worrying about your sensitive information. Get the latest protection everyday with over 30 years of innovation in the digital security industry.

Trend Micro Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Defend against ransomware
  • Email protection
  • Privacy shield
  • Performance optimizer
  • Family protection
  • Physical and Digital licenses
  • Windows and Mac only

Trend Micro could be your biggest provider of advanced online protection! Trend Micro Internet Security uses machine learning-based technology to protect your devices against online threats like viruses and malware. Packed with an advanced ransomware and the Folder Shield feature to keep your valuable files safer, allowing only your authorized apps to access the protected folders. Rated 100% notorious against web threats by industry experts. The Trend Micro Security products are definitely what you need as you go inside the scary cyber realm.

All these at a very affordable price! Get your digital license of Trend Micro Internet Security from Softvire US online at its lowest price! Activate it today and enjoy a safer online life.

Faster, smoother performance
Strong protection should never slow you down. Get easy fixes for common problems to start moving at top speed.

Socialize safely

Share what you want with just the right people on your favorite social media sites. Optimize your privacy settings on social media so unwelcome strangers stay out of your way.

Superior online protection

Safeguard your digital life when you download Trend Micro Internet Security. Block phishing scams lurking in your emails and eliminate devious new ransomware threats.

Protection with performance

Keep your system in top shape while enjoying the best protection. Experience minimal performance impact and immediately fix for common problems to while enjoying the features that Trend Micro Internet Security reviews love.

Socialize safely

Socialize online without any worries. Chat, share, and post without being vulnerable to online hackers and scammers.

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22 reviews for Trend Micro Internet Security

  1. Olyvia Rowland

    I’m terrified of being hacked, so I was trying to update my antivirus software. I noticed this, and I ordered a one-year subscription. Installation was sound as far as computer software is concerned. You can set the protection from very high to very low, and you can also set multiple categories to allow or block. It’s slowing things down a little, but that means it’s doing its job.

  2. Wade Rodriquez

    I’ve used Trend Micro products on many computers and phones for many years and have never had a virus infect any of my devices! I have colleagues who try to get by with free antivirus software, and they often have malware issues that cause their devices to malfunction. I’m staying with Trend Micro since I’ve never had an issue!

  3. Kevin Young

    This is a great antivirus, very inexpensive for the price, and can be mounted with one disk on 3 devices. With quick scans, it is also straightforward to use and gives regular product alerts. I highly recommend a perfect antivirus for your PC, particularly if you’re on a budget.

  4. Emmaline Manson

    I feel safe, and I haven’t had a problem using Trend Micro. I’ve been using it for over 3 years. I like they’re helping me to get away from potentially harmful sites.

  5. Remy Marin

    This is a great antivirus that is extremely cheap for the price and can be installed on three computers with a single disc. It is also incredibly simple to use, with fast scans and frequent product notifications. Overall, I strongly suggest an excellent PC antivirus, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

  6. Kodi Alford

    These days, cybersecurity is essential. Criminals no longer need to find you to rob your life. The frustration associated with identity fraud is unbelievable, and it is so little you can do to mitigate the damaging consequences right away.

  7. Saffi Wong

    The online support team is accommodating, polite, and informative, and I have bought a service package that I enjoy. Support is still accessible and efficient. I have used it once so far, and I was very impressed with the technician’s computer being cleaned up. It’s awe-inspiring. I’m going to recommend this product and renew this service.

  8. Lillie-Mae Clegg

    Trend Micro seems to be resource-efficient and transparent in my workplace. Like how it previews and evaluates websites regarding their level of safety and danger before you visit them? If the search results aren’t all green, I’ll take my time and browse around before clicking. Three years have passed since I was attacked or contaminated by malware.

  9. Jordan Bridges

    Trend Micro offers highly competitive, if not flawless, security, accessible customer service, a slew of extras such as banking protection, and an invisible backup of selected data secure against ransomware.

  10. Gaia Slater

    I’ve been using Trend Micro Antivirus on my Mac since 2015, and it has never disappointed me. Compared to some other top-rated antivirus, Trend Micro has the best scan results with blocking online threats. Since their customer support is also cooperative, so I will continue to use Trend Micro.

  11. Kelsea Bellamy

    When I first bought a Mac in 2015, I bought Trend Micro Antivirus. It has never let me down. Some of the best antivirus software doesn’t block online threats like Trend Micro. 

  12. Dwade Bartlett

    Trend Micro is well-known as a top antivirus program, and unlike many of its rivals, it supports Google’s Chrome OS.

  13. Jobe Schaefer

    My computer specialist in Chicago suggested Trend Micro to me, and I’ve been using it almost exclusively since then. I was with Norton and McAfee for a long time before moving to Trend Micro.

  14. Blair Mcphee

    I’ve been using Trend Micro Antivirus on my Mac since 2015, and it has never disappointed me. Compared to some other top-rated antivirus, Trend Micro has the best scan results with blocking online threats. Since their customer support is also cooperative, so I will continue to use Trend Micro.

  15. Luciano Puckett

    I feel secure and have not encountered any issues while using Trend Micro. I’ve been using it for over a decade. I like how they assist me in avoiding potentially harmful websites.

  16. Seren Mann

    Trend Micro is a well-known provider of antivirus software on the market. It provides various antimalware applications for various platforms, and two of its products support Chrome OS, which is uncommon for antivirus software.

  17. Keisha Regan

    Trend Micro antivirus software received top marks in our tests and is very good at detecting, blocking, and removing threats with very little impact on system performance.

  18. John Thornton

    It’s effective. It works fine for me since I haven’t had any problems with viruses.

  19. Kristy Crossley

    I have used this program for years and it never fails.

  20. Sion Markham

    This program offers the finest security that can be found on the market!!! I just love how quickly it scans!!

  21. Faris Weaver

    The software is easy to use and protects against viruses, malware, and other threats.

  22. Bridget Murphy

    I feel secure and have had no issues with Trend Micro. I’ve used it for more than a decade now. I enjoy that they help me avoid potentially hazardous websites.

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