Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac v20 (ESD)

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Whether you are a professional architect, designer or DIY, you deserve an exceptional software tool, comprehensive and world-class -Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac v20! Upgrade your design and make impossible plan into reality! Home Design Studio is created to assist and support you until the deadline!

Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac v20 Product Highlights:

  • Excellent quality and performance for 2d Geometry and text
  • Tips for “Building Green” including selection of green objects and materials.
  • Planning your design on the digital world made easy
  • Advance customizable Draw styles
  • Intuitive design tools
  • This product is a digital license.
  • This product supports only Mac devices.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac v20 is an exclusive software for Mac devices which provides ultimate home and landscape design in 2D and 3D to professionals and DIY. The composition of intuitive tool set gives you the freedom and full control of what you design or plan to design.

Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac v20 exhibit detailed plan and elaborated design. You have the maneuver to renovate, redecorate, remodel and construct commercial or residential buiding for up to 12 floors professionally. Indeed, it is a software that will impress your clients and contractors. Punch! Home Design Studio Mac v20 is the latest and massive tool set with support created to assist you all throughout your project.

Efficient designing and planning for Pros and DIYs

Upgrade your design without being stucked because Home Design Studio v20 gives you the luxury to access new online video tutorials, updated user guide and user forum.

Empower your planning capabilities

Easy navigation – you can add columns, gables, dormers, wall heaters, corner cabinets and more. With Specific tools assistant, beginners can plan big like a pro.

Wow your family, friends and clients with a transformation, which is impossible as it may seem, but made possible by Home Design studio. With drag and drop rooms, you can build a luxury home theater and vaulted rooms. Moreover, you can plan a porches, decks, and other indoor or outdoor spaces where you can establish social events.

Extensive full-featured tool

Home Design Studio offers professional-driven features to assist your needs and meet your deadlines on time. The tool set is inclusive of over 30 new professional quality home plans, new kitchen, bath and outdoor spaces to boot templates.

  • Excellent quality and performance for 2d Geometry and text

This software has a new 2D engine which allows high quality and excellent performance of 2D Geometry and text. Your designs or drawings will look realistic and refine.

  • Advance customizable Draw styles

You can choose and customize your drawing styles whatever comfortable draw styles you need.

  • Easy DWG/DXF Import and Export

Transfer drawing files to different applications with ease and take control of the exact floating-point of the DXF format up to 16 decimal places and save the drawing in either ASCII or binary format. So, you could convert into a smaller file which is easy and quick to work with.

  • Intuitive full-featured tools

Modify your toolbar easily and quickly – distribute, edit and align elements. This version has extensive custom rich text options (Fonts And Attributes).

11 reviews for Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac v20 (ESD)

  1. Ferdie Davidson

    Easy to figure out. It lets you design everything you want.

  2. Aeriel Davie

    Planning your design in the digital world is made easy because it has excellent quality and performance for 2D Geometry and text.

  3. Eve Stoff

    An inexpensive program with a lot of features helped with my last project

  4. Kobie Marriott

    I enjoy having a 3D and 2D view simultaneously, as well as many adjustable design finishes.

  5. Blaine Cain

    Punch! Home Design Studio for Mac is the best home design software I have ever used. It has everything I need to create beautiful and functional designs. The tools are very intuitive, and the interface is very user-friendly.

  6. Natalie Wong

    The software is very easy to use, even for beginners, and it offers a lot of features for customizing your designs.

  7. Chris Daniels

    Great product. I used it to create a large backyard project I was doing. It was great being able to see how everything would look before I ever broke ground.

  8. Walton Higgins

    Punch! The software gives me the tools I need to plan and implement indoor and outdoor landscapes. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes for a fast layout session with this product.

  9. Davin Moore

    It’s fantastic to show them many remodeling alternatives and make modifications rapidly.

  10. Aaron Zuniga

    An inexpensive program with a lot of features helped with my last project.

  11. David Simmons

    The software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use. The drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed templates allow for quick and efficient project creation.

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