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Privacy Guardian works to delete traces from a large number of popular applications such as ICQ, Kazaa, and Google Toolbar, but the trial version disables this feature. The utility automatically cleans your computer at regular intervals. Privacy Guardian’s simple, straightforward nature makes it suitable for PC novices and common users alike.

Privacy Guardian Product Highlights:

  • Helps ensure anonymous browsing
  • Keeps search history private
  • Thwarts digital profile-building or “fingerprinting” based on your habits
  • Enhances identity theft protection
  • Stops ad-trackers from following and targeting you
  • This product is a digital license.
  • This supports Windows only.
  • This supports 1 PC only.
  • This includes 1-year subscription only.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Privacy Guardian is a safe and easy way to clean activity and history traces and securely delete online Internet tracks stored in your browser and hidden files.

To protect your privacy and improve your system’s performance, Privacy Guardian can delete cookies, clean index.dat files, clean the cache, erase the recent documents history, clear the recent documents list, remove temporary files, free hard drive space, kill typed URLs, wipe autocomplete-form data, empty file and temp folders, bleach empty hard-drive space and products such as Kazaa, iMesh, or ICQ.

Protect yourself from:

Ads Following You

This technology that spies on your browsing and shopping habits to place ads in front of you all too often also leads to harassing spam emails as well. This is unsettling and annoying, especially once you’ve made a purchase and are no longer interested in ads for the product.

Personalized Pricing

If an online retailer obtains data indicating you are shopping from a computer located in a wealthy neighborhood, it could mark up the prices you see on its website. Some airlines, hotels are already deploying this deceitful practice and more.

Compromised Consumer Reputation 

Imagine being denied credit because a company has secretly collected data that suggests you are an irresponsible shopper.

Your Data for Sale

Congress overturned F.C.C. rules requiring broadband providers to get their permission before collecting data. It includes data from all online activities and selling it to advertisers. Without these restrictions, ISPs are sure to become even more aggressive with data collection.

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13 reviews for Privacy Guardian (ESD)

  1. Moritz Nicholas

    Privacy Guardian is a safe and easy way to clean action and history traces and remove web Internet tracks. Privacy Guardian will delete cookies, erase autocomplete-form files, destroy typed URLs, and bleach empty hard-drive space, as well as products like Kazaa, iMesh, and ICQ.

  2. Leonard Archer

    Iolo Privacy Guardian is a great privacy suite, particularly for PC novices. With a tidy, easy-to-use menu structure and a range of completely functioning privacy resources, Privacy Guardian can satisfy most users’ needs and desires.

  3. Cassandra Frost

    To ensure that no one, not even a computer specialist, may access private information, the Privacy Guardian will even be used to write over parts of the hard drive covered by missing files. It’s working really well.

  4. Ricci Rhodes

    Nice interface, secure eraser options, cleaned all the trash in all microscopic corners of your system! Everywhere! It runs great on my laptop. I have nothing to complain about here.

  5. Stacey Clive

    Privacy Guardian is without a doubt one of the best suites to use for privacy. All of its functions are extremely basic. There is actually no way for consumers to harm their Privacy Guardian scheme unless they purposely attempt to do so. And complete novices should be able to use this program without any significant problems.

  6. Safah Read

    Privacy Guardian helps me prevent operating system data collection, and it helps me prevent data online mining.

  7. James Knight

    Privacy Guardian PC cleaning features perform well, and they’re all pretty easy to use. The file shredder will easily erase files with just a few clicks. Privacy Guardian can also be used to write over hard disk areas that are covered by deleted files.

  8. Georgie Mccartney

    iolo Privacy Guardian is a desktop app you also install as a web browser extension. It blocks access to your sensitive online data, device info, and habits whenever you use the internet.

  9. Ariadne Britt

    Privacy Guardian is a safe and straightforward method to erase activity and history traces and securely remove online Internet trails and hidden files saved in your browser.

  10. Darius Nicholson

    It’s an excellent piece of privacy software that not only protects my privacy but also provides a very advanced and secure way for deleting your digital fingerprint.

  11. Connor Tillman

    This antivirus performed well on my computer. The performance was maintained, and the simplicity of use was excellent. In all instances, I felt secure when using my computer. Privacy Guardian has an excellent reputation, and this software stands up to it.

  12. Bill Cummings

    You have a slow computer, Then Privacy Guardian is a tool for you. Will guide you thru what you need to do to speed up the boot time. well worth the money.

  13. Ammarah Tyson

    Privacy Guardian is a safe and easy way to clean activity and history traces and securely delete online Internet tracks stored in your browser and in hidden files.

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