PaperPort Professional (ESD)

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Part Number: ESN-F309Z-W00-14.0

PaperPort Professional solves the bulk of your work as your essential office assistant. It converts physical documents to digital form using PaperPort’s powerful scanning features. In addition, protect your digital documents using advanced encryption and password technology.

PaperPort Professional Product Highlights:

  • Convert physical documents to digital quickly.
  • Compatible with most scanners.
  • Search files using keywords or phrases.
  • Advanced document security and encryption.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Supports only Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

Make document management easy yet professional with the help of Kofax’s PaperPort Professional. Gather, organize, store, and access all your valuable files in a single place to keep your organization runs smoothly and productively.

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Organizes Files

Avoid clutter by storing all your documents in a single place, arrange them in order, merge documents, and retrieve them anytime your want. It fast tracks the need to search for a file.

Search Files Quickly

PaperPort Pro allows you to immediately access your most recent file to continue your work. Furthermore, there is no need to remember the name or content of the document you need, simply search using a keyword or phrase to look for the document you need and you’ll get instant results.

Combine PDF Files

Easily turn your documents to industry-standard PDF format and merge them into one file using the PDF Create.

Easily Manageable

Scan, view, edit, and save your files like never before. You can also use the PDF Viewer feature to access your PDF files.

Enhances Productivity

With PaperPort Pro, you don’t have to dreadfully encode the entire paper document into Word. Simply scan your document, drag the scanned files into the PaperPort “Sent-to” menu and it will instantly convert the scanned document into an editable text format.

Highly Secured Documents

You can secure documents that contain sensitive information before sharing or allowing access. It has security features such as PDF password and encryption and lets users take full control of who can view or access your files.

Create Fillable Forms

Convert uneditable forms into one that can be electronically filled out. You can also scan forms and use FormType to convert them into fillable forms and save them into PDF format.

11 reviews for PaperPort Professional (ESD)

  1. Issa Wilkins

    PaperPort Professional provided better functionality, better ease of use, and a better price point than Acrobat.

  2. Sullivan Coates

    I love this! Not only does it allow you to modify content otherwise sanitize content, but it allows you to build your own forms, create worksheets, move content around to reposition. That’s really awesome!

  3. Bergen Fox

    Super convenient and easy to use, with few frills in terms of how the product works. I’m still studying the product’s ins and outs, but for simple scanning, it works flawlessly.

  4. Alby Oakley

    I use PaperPort when faxing large documents instead of having to print everything out. It lets me combine documents. If I need to remove a page, I just go to the page, and it lets me take it out! How cool!!! Also, PaperPort makes it so easy to print and everything right from the app!  I don’t know what other software lets you do that! With PaperPort!

  5. Leonie Anderson

    Whether you wish to use it for professional purposes, it is recommended to use other software to minimize delay or try more recent versions to check if they are better developed while working with vast amounts of documents and information.

  6. Jaidon Cain

    Paperport enables me to scan pdf, black & white, color, stack and unstack documents, translate such pdf for Word and other formats, generate forms for fallibility. It enables me to pick a folder effortlessly on my drive for the direct saving of a doc.

  7. Farhana Allen

    This is the answer if you need a program to convert information into fill-in forms or if you need to delete content professionally.

  8. Juliet Brock

    The thing I appreciate most is the simplicity of use and the product you receive right away. I used to have things all over the place and would lose receipts, but now I can locate anything in seconds and end-of-month/year tasks are a snap.

  9. Taryn Hilton

    I like that it’s super easy to access, and it hardly ever breaks down on me. I scan multiple documents daily and super fast.

  10. Deacon Carroll

    I have used Paperport since it was first made and through all of its owners. I use an older version that has more options that have since been taken away, but I still use that one. It is so versatile that it is more like a whole software program than a single one.

  11. Charity Mathis

    I’ve been using Paperport for managing and storing documents for a very long time. I like how easy the program is to use and how moving and layering papers is as simple as dragging and dropping them.

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