OmniPage Standard (ESD)

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Part Number: ESN-2889Z-W00-18.0

Focus on actual work with OmniPage Standard. Its fast and accurate scanning features, convert physical documents into digital form with efficiency and ease.

OmniPage Standard Product Highlights:

  • Archive documents digitally using accurate scanning technology.
  • Convert documents to different formats without formatting loss.
  • Fast and easy on-demand conversion using OmniPage Launchpad.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Supports Windows PC only.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

Revolutionized the way you manage digital files with OmniPage Standard. It accurately converts physical files to digital format. Furthermore, turning its content editable and searchable to enhance productivity in the workplace.

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Convert Files

Convert your paper files into digital formats with superior and the utmost conversion. Get exactly what is written on your paper files with no changes in its content and format.

Language Recognition

OmniPage Standard can detect up to 120 languages, making the editing processing, and storing of documents easier anywhere you are in the world.

Convert Photos

OmniPage makes it easy for mobile device users and electronic book readers by converting photos or pictures into a readable format.

Supports Multiple Formats

OmniPage allows you to create your files in multiple formats – PDF, Microsoft, Core, HTML, and more.

Edit PDF Files

Work with PDF files without messing with its content. The eDiscovery Assistant will keep the content searchable and intact.

Send to Amazon Kindle

Scan documents or PDFs into a readable format so you can use them on Amazon Kindle.

Process Email Documents

Scanned documents or PDFs send via Microsoft Outlook will be automatically processed. It converts and saves into your desired format.

10 reviews for OmniPage Standard (ESD)

  1. Yvonne Moss

    I would highly recommend OmniPage due to the excellent functionality.

  2. Stacy William

    This is a nice product and relatively inexpensive. There may be better alternatives, although more expensive type.

  3. Rosie Fraser

    Make it simple for users to try out your platform, so that once they are satisfied with it, they may upgrade to a paid license.

  4. Caitlin Small

    When working in BPO, I usually handled hundreds of pages that needed to be converted from Pdf copy into MS Word document. The best thing about Omnipage is that it makes my work easier. In just a few minutes, this application can convert the file into .doc or .txt.

  5. Keiren Beard

    I most appreciate this software because it is simple to convert PDFs to other formats such as doc and xls; This is a handy software with many of the same features as Adobe but is much less expensive.

  6. Hadley Briggs

    I can quickly update my invoices with additional information. Some clients want more data, which is a simple way to stay compliant.

  7. Troy Sanchez

    Omnipage is your go-to option for OCR if you want a system that works but has an outdated UI.

  8. Shannon Nash

    It’s wonderful to save time by just highlighting a block of digital text from a picture or pdf and then pasting it straight into text – it’s quick and efficient.

  9. Jaye Alvarado

    It’s wonderful to be able to save time by just highlighting a block of digital text from a picture or pdf and then pasting it straight into text – it’s quick and efficient.

  10. Hina Rana

    It is an amazing product, best for time saving….

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