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Norton Security Premium

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Norton Security Premium gives your devices real-time protection against known and emerging threats when you are both online and offline. Grab this security software with proven track record in protecting users at Softvire US to protect your private and financial information.
Norton Security Premium Product Highlights:
  • Defends your devices viruses, malware and other online threats
  • Delivers the comprehensive protection you need faster than others
  • Keeps your identity and transactions private
  • Doesn’t fail in warning you about risky applications
  • This subscription is valid for 1 year
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
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Norton Security Premium is the security software anyone on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android needs. This software is strong enough to shield your computer against cybercriminals and other online threats scammers while you bank, surf, shop, or socialize online. As you already know, your devices become vulnerable to all kinds of threats when you go online such as virus, malware, trojan, ransomware, spyware, adware, and so much more. All these threats are used by cybercriminals to either destroy your system or steal your sensitive data like photos and passwords. Norton Security Premium was designed to recognize all these threats and block them before they can cause you or your computer any harm. So help protect you private and financial information. Norton will help keep your devices risk-free!

Grab your Norton Security Premium license key from the Softvire US online store today to enjoy great price deals and start working with Symantec’s top-notch security features!


Protect multiple and any device, from Windows to Mac or iOS to Android, with a single software. Norton Security Premium easily installs total protection you need on your devices with just one click. Leave it to work automatically in detecting and blocking threats that are trying to harm your devices.


Symantec uses only the best technologies to deliver optimum protection to its users. Norton Security Premium is equipped with cutting-edge global threat intelligence to keep you safer as you go online to bank, shop, surf, or chat with your friends.


Symantec is one of the pioneer antivirus software, meaning it’s already tested through time. It’s known for its unrivaled performance and deemed as one of the fastest and most accurate cybersecurity software in the market. Norton consistently appears on top of AV test results and named as one of the best antivirus software. Winner of AV TEST’s Best Protection Award and 39 time winner of PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award. Norton remains unrivaled in the antivirus market.


Antivirus is included, and your protection is always up to date to defend against spyware, malware, and unsafe websites, while keeping your identity and safeguarding your online transactions.




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19 reviews for Norton Security Premium

  1. Luisa Charlton

    My overall Norton Security experience has been outstanding. My laptop performs great. I head to a certain spot where there is a difficulty when I surf online, and I go. Norton immediately alerts me the risk is coming. I need to quit the site, and I have to. Before it can even get to your PC, Norton can detect a threat. It cleans up until your system gets fucked up. I feel so safe.

  2. Prescott Hartley

    It is excellent for any PC because it eliminates all the hidden files and slows the computer down. I recommend it.

  3. Steven Li

    It works the way it says it does, actually. All the time, it detects websites that are shady or have Trojans and other viruses flat out on them. It also “sanitizes” I download papers.

  4. Perry Bates

    Norton Security is a software that I’ve used in the workplace and currently use in my home. I like the various options I can choose from depending on the level of security protection. It provides me with comprehensive protection around the clock, blocking potential web attacks, and informing me of those attacks right when they occur.

  5. Rikki Cordova

    I feel more secure now that I have Norton protection on both my laptop and phone. I’d like it if there were frequent updates to show that coverage is effective.

  6. Kia Adkins

    Over the years, this has been my go-to anti-virus software—the simplicity of features, the use of various computers, and the low cost of promotion.

  7. Winston Worthington

    Norton is an excellent digital threat protection platform for smartphones. For the last year, I’ve been using Norton to encrypt my laptop. I find the tools for the antivirus function properly. I think I’ve selected the platform right.

  8. Clinton Harper

    I love this. It defends my devices from viruses, malware, and other online threats

  9. Hermione Tanner

    I’ve been using Norton for approximately ten months and quickly noticed the difference between it and the free version of another brand I was previously using.

  10. Madina King

    It really works the way it said it does. It catches websites all the time that are shady or have flat-out Trojans and other viruses on them. It also “sanitizes” documents that I download.

  11. Keeley Hoffman

    This is just a high-quality product. It performed what it claimed it would, even fully protecting my PC till the very end. Once I installed the program, my PC performed much better. After installing the program, I found the last Trojan on my computer.

  12. Willard Mosley

    I like how it can protect many devices, from Windows to Mac to iOS to Android, with a single piece of software. With a single click, Norton Security Premium installs the complete security you need on your devices. Allow it to identify and prevent threats that are attempting to damage your devices on their own.

  13. Cassie Johns

    For almost a decade, I’ve used Norton constantly. After some fraudulent activity on one of my accounts, I started using it. I haven’t had any issues after then. I like their security and Norton Password Manager a lot. Norton is an excellent application for my laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

  14. Sidney Lawrence

    Over the last three years, Norton Security has introduced Identity Protection. Because many of us have a computer, this is handy. Norton also keeps an eye on the dark web.

  15. Bayley Redfern

    I’ve been using Norton for many years and have never had an issue. I also typically receive decent renewal pricing. There is a password breach currently, and I don’t believe Norton has detected it. I have Norton installed on four different devices.

  16. Eloisa Cooper

    I really like Norton’s anti-virus software. I’ve been using it since my first computer and have never had a virus problem.

  17. Eloise Whitfield

    I am very happy with Norton. They keep me informed about any unusual activities on my computer. Their software never slows down my computer like AVG did before I removed them. Norton is excellent.

  18. Ashlynn Reed

    I love Norton products. They are the best in the anti-virus arena. Nothing better!

  19. Arian Lawrence

    This antivirus system is at the consumer’s fingertips and helps prevent and eliminate infections such as viruses, worms, malware, and spyware.

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