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Norton AntiVirus Plus

(18 customer reviews)

Norton AntiVirus Plus offers the best entry security protection for all devices from Windows to Mac. Be safer as you browse through the online world. Block threats from destroying your devices. Keep your activities private. Protect your sensitive data from hackers. All these from the world’s leading antivirus software!

Norton AntiVirus Plus Product Highlights:

  • Defend yourself against hackers and your devices against viruses, malware and other online threats.
  • Powered by one of the leading antivirus designers in the world.
  • Silent and automatic update to keep your software on the latest version
  • This is a 1-year subscription for 1 device only.
  • Compatible with Windows or Mac.

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Norton AntiVirus Plus isn’t the standard protection you think it is It is more than just an antivirus software for your PCs. It scans your devices and the web to seek out and destroy viruses malware, and other kinds of online threats It even warns you of identity-stealing websites, catches phishing emails designed to trick you to reveal your personal information you use in your financial accounts, and safeguards your online activities from surfing to banking, shopping, and socializing.

So grab your own Norton AntiVirus Plus activation keys today from the Softvire US online store and enjoy the best price. When you get the Norton Antivirus from our stores, you’ll instantly get the unrivaled protection you can’t get from anywhere else.

Top of the industry protection

Norton Antivirus Plus uses the latest antivirus technology to defend you against all kinds of existing and emerging threats. Keep your systems safer from ransomware, viruses, malware and all other kinds of online threats And it’s much more than just an antivirus. It secures your logins, block phishing emails, and enhances your online banking safety.

Privacy assured

Norton AntiVirus keeps your PC safe from viruses, identity theft and social media dangers Advanced security ensures your data online and offline remains private. Never worry about hackers gaining access to your confidential information.

Updated protection 24/7

With one of the world’s largest civilian cyber intelligence networks, Norton will always be able to stop even the latest digital threats. Your virus protection is always upto date to help keep you safe when you surf, shop and bank online.

Unrivaled Security Tech

Norton consistently outperforms the competition in independent, head to head tests; Winner of AV Test’s coveted Best Protection Award and 39 time winner of PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award



18 reviews for Norton AntiVirus Plus

  1. Daphne Fox

    Norton security is a great, user-friendly program that can be run by anybody. It will keep your personal data secure from ransomware and attacks. It does it for you, even though you fail to search your screen. If your computer is lagging or running sluggish, I really like the Registry Errors feature.

  2. Janette White

    Norton automatically notifies me that there is danger approaching. Norton can identify a threat before it will ever get to your PC. It cleans up before it messes up your device. This anti-virus protection allows me to enjoy the internet without all the hassle.

  3. Dayton Parry

    I’m quite pleased with the anti-virus. It provides good security for all forms of devices. The price/quality ratio is huge, particularly when there are frequent promotions. The web is clear and quick to use. I strongly recommend it to you.

  4. Cody Greenwood

    Installing is always a pleasure for me. The pricing was excellent. The more recent version is quicker to use yet has more functionality.

  5. Russel Miller

    Advanced security guarantees that the data is confidential online and offline. Norton AntiVirus keeps your PC safe from malware, identity stealing, and social media hazards. Never think about private information being compromised by hackers.

  6. Darnell Begum

    The software is extremely resistant to attacks and aggressively combats viruses and malware. It is capable of handling multiple attacks at the same time and works proactively. It’s simple to set up and manage.

  7. Stella Sheppard

    This software is straightforward to install and use.

  8. Willie Sanford

    It’s an excellent software for my laptops, smartphone, and other gadgets.

  9. Shazia Bullock

    We use it for first-line security software against phishing attempts, virus attachments, trojans, malware, and more. It’s solid security software for small and mid-market businesses. We’re a mid-sized manufacturing concern, so we have many sensitive files that need to be protected from outside snoopers.

  10. Tayla Kennedy

    Norton has exceeded my expectations. They keep me up to date on any odd activity on my computer. Their program never slows down my computer as AVG did before I uninstalled it. Norton is fantastic.

  11. Trixie Dotson

    A good set of online and personal security solutions. Supervise all internet activity. The initial cost is quite low, but renewals are deceptively pricey. 

  12. Lara Blake

    Excellent set of tools for online and personal safety. Online activities are closely watched. 

  13. Willow Cross

    I’m running it on a high-end custom gaming PC running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Dual boot). It discovered various viruses and malware that others let get by my firewall when my PC was turned off but arrived across the network.

  14. Halle Derrick

    A lot of people are happy with Norton. It tells me if any unusual things are going on with my computer. Before I got rid of my recent antivirus, their software slowed down my computer. Their software doesn’t do that now, though. Norton is indeed very nice.

  15. Melisa Davies

    I purchased this for my home computer since I need virus protection on one pc. This product satisfies all of my requirements and is ideal!

  16. Cherish Johns

    So it secures me against potential threats posed by the internet, Norton is an invaluable tool.

  17. Mary Vaughn

    Norton stands above the competition regarding malware detection, internet security tools, mobile protections, useability, and value.

  18. Hanifa Gale

    Just a fantastic product. It did why it said it was going to do defending my computer till the end computer. I ran 100% better once I added the product to my computer.

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