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The ultimate multimedia software offers 6 software that is more intuitive and complete! Nero Platinum ensures efficiency and productivity at its finest. It helps you to be creative, productive and organized at home, office, or wherever you go.

NERO Platinum Product Highlights:

  • Say goodbye to digital chaos: consolidate data and media from mobile devices, hard discs, and cloud to one central clean storage space via drive span
  • Enhance your life memories: create automatically stunning movies and slideshows of your best moments in life with Nero life themes Pro
  • Ease your workflows at a glance: with the interactive live Guide you will never miss to know where you are in your suite and where to do what
  • Back up to your cloud: backup and restore all your photos, videos, and music from and to OneDrive and Google drive
  • Produce, edit, and import your multimedia files.
  • Protects your sensitive and valuable media files.
  • Organize, stream, and play your favorite movies and TV series easily and quickly.
  • Copy and burn your videos or multimedia files.
  • Find duplicated images and clean up storage
  • This product supports Windows PC.
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Empower your digital life with Nero Platinum for high-performance multimedia. Create professional-looking movies and slideshows virtually in any format fast, easily and in highest export quality to file or video disc. Best for importing, organizing, playback and streaming of music, video, photo, slideshow, movies, TV shows as well as disc playback.

Get the Nero Platinum Suite at Softvire US to enjoy the best Nero deals and all these programs packed in one packaging:

Nero Video
Create professional-looking movies and slideshows virtually in any format fast, easily and in high export-quality to file or video disc.

Nero MediaHome
Best for importing, organizing, playback and streaming of music, video, photo, slideshows, movies, TV shows as well as disc playback.

Nero BackItUp
The easy 1-Click BackUp solution: Rapidly keep everything safe and secure, even your cloud data.

Nero Recode
Super-fast conversion of video and music into all standard formats including 1-click disc ripping to attached mobile devices.

Nero Burning ROM
World-class burning and copying of data, video, photo, and music to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc incorporating highest security standards.

Audials Music Recorder
The Internet radio recorder that allows you to record songs from Internet stations all over the world as MP3 free of charge.

Nero DuplicateManager Photo

Organize your photo archives on your computer. With the quick help of NERO DuplicateManager Photo, you will find duplicated folders and photos. This software cleans up your Nero MediaHOme media center and important storage space. Activate “Find similar images” mode to provide a quick scan of similar folders and photos.

Nero Video 

Edit your first movie and share it with your friends and family. Create your video blogs and import them from any device to your computer. With just one-click, you could finish your story and slideshows. Incorporate music, special effects and share movie in no time. Easy navigation to express edit mode, which has comprehensive tools for creativity, is where you can produce your projects. Select an appropriate transition, utilize a selection of fonts, and stream different templates. Remove black borders and make your video or movie ready for a widescreen TV streaming. Very intuitive video editing software, which creates phenomenal slideshows, blogs, DVD and Blu ray discs to boot, is adequate in compiling memorable moments especially your holidays and special events.

Nero MediaHome 

Thanks to the Nero MediaHome, you can save your time searching for the projects, music, videos, and TV series that you need quickly. Because of this software, the organization of your media files is not a problem anymore. Movies titles and TV series covers are automatically added so you can find them easily. Plus, it would save a lot of space in your PC. You do not have to be an expert – it is a simple software to organize, play, and stream your personal videos, movies, TV series, and projects. If you have a file on your OneDrive online, you download them directly.

Nero Recode 

Quickly convert your DVDs, video, and audio files to almost any format that fit your need with Nero Recode. With this software, you can easily make a job list for your conversions. Whether you are converting video disc or audio CDs, the 1-click conversion feature of Nero Recode would efficiently work for you. Not only that, you can convert video discs and audio CDs to your mobile devices -simply, connect device, select the title and do the transfer. Easy… just one click. Also, it supports the latest mobile devices.

Nero Burning ROM 

Simple as drag and drop, and you can easily copy and burn files. Nero Burning ROM has SecurDisc 4.0 containing 256-bit encryption, password protection, and disk optimization technology, you can expect your media files are in the right hand and safe.  In addition, enhance sound automatically and album covers -an easy burning of high-quality audio CDs.



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21 reviews for Nero Platinum

  1. Annabeth Smith

    My experience with Nero was a great one. I’ve always looked at Nero anytime I need to back up my files, pictures, or songs. I considered it to be the most simple and flexible software kit on the market.

  2. Darcy Haynes

    This is perfect for creating, editing, recording, cleaning, and organizing your media files. It was convenient and simple to use. Thanks!

  3. Solomon Patton

    Nero has been around for quite some time now! I appreciate you being able to have many abilities bundled into one curriculum. Nero has a slideshow feature that has the best designs ever! And if you burn a CD or a DVD, the procedure is as easy as ever. I would strongly recommend this app to any user.

  4. Leith Brady

    Of all the media organizations and media burning software out there, this is certainly one of the best. There are others, but most of them don’t have the extensive features Nero does.

  5. Finnley Wade

    Nero is easy to use, and the interface is straightforward. The video editing option gives me the option to save my preferred settings. Nero is speedy to record, and it is a very effective software.

  6. Simon Warner

    The overall experience has been very satisfactory. I have cut my work time in half.

  7. Oran Humphreys

    I have used NERO for years, and it always works well, and the backup function is cool.

  8. Francis Muller

    Nero 9 is a really famous program that has been with me for a period of time. Thanks to this app, I’ve produced hundreds of backup copies, of which I’ve backed up a lot of stuff, both family and work. I recommend it to you.

  9. Saanvi Joyce

    NERO also provides some helpful buddy programs, such as Nero Recode and Nero Vision. We can also edit CD and DVD labels, which aids in synchronization with different devices.

  10. Marc Patel

    It’s a fantastic product. Definitely worth the money!

  11. Georgina Jacobs

    Good product; it did what I needed it to do very well. I’m glad to have the most recent version. Good value as well. 

  12. Darla Cook

    The software was beneficial for my projects and more.

  13. Barney Richard

    It’s the most excellent program I’ve ever used. It is a complete disc burning software provides seamless and straightforward handling of all your disc media requirements. Simple to set up and use.

  14. Divine Forrest

    IT IS MY FIRST CHOICE when I need to record CDs for distribution since it is extremely efficient and quick to record discs. You may record from CD to DVD in the format of files, movies, videos, and data. It records flawlessly and doesn’t create any mistakes.

  15. Emile Morgan

    Nero Platinum is a powerful program with a simple interface; you choose the storage medium (CD, DVD, or Blu-ray) and add the files you want to duplicate. Then, you choose the speed and start copying. The entire procedure is simple enough that anyone can do it. This program enables you to use whatever files you choose; it places no restrictions on the kind of files you may use.

  16. Nathan Middleton

    I like the photo duplicating eraser, which takes all your photos and eliminates duplicates. Some other features have sections that try to get you to buy a more detailed version.

  17. Rabia Davison

    The advantage is that I was able to install Nero on my Linux computer, allowing me to use two devices for the copying of my digital files. Also, the file recovery mechanism in Nero let me retrieve certain files that I had previously assumed were lost.

  18. Logan Montes

    I’ve been a fan of Nero for over ten years and have recently purchased this version. It is more streamlined than older versions, and I am enjoying it.

  19. Sheary White

    I like how much control I had over the video editing work I had to perform to perform what I needed.

  20. Massimo Ford

    NERO continues to add and improve many features that I have always enjoyed!

  21. Mazie Parkinson

    I love how I had complete control over the video editing that I needed to accomplish.

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