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Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the best malware-hunting, web safety, anti-hacker software. It’s a mix of antivirus, browsing protection, data privacy, and child safety tools. Buy Kaspersky Internet Security today for the total protection of your devices from malicious files, apps, and websites, and keep them running at top speed.

Kaspersky Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Keep everyone at home safe from online threats no matter what device they are on.
  • Real-time protection against the most advanced cyberthreats
  • Do all transactions online under the protection of Kaspersky’s Safe Money technology.
  • Block anyone from accessing your webcam. Use VPN encryption to secure your data.
  • Password shield controls access to your apps and files.
  • This is a digital license supported by Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

The internet doesn’t have to be a scary place and you don’t have to be anxious every time you go online for as long as you have a protection that keeps you safe from what you can’t see. Kaspersky Internet Security is designed to protect all of your devices – from PCs to mobile devices – while you surf the web, socialize online, shop and bank online, or stream your favorite movies and series. It’s packed with features that can safeguard you from phishing, spoofed websites, spam, malware, and viruses. Never lose your privacy from hackers too who are trying to spy on your webcam and steal your data.

Experience true protection as you go online with Kaspersky Internet Security. Get it from Softvire US at the best price.

Award-Winning Security
Kaspersky is among the highest-rated security software of this generation and individual testing labs align it with its top recommended antiviruses. Its Internet Security Suite helps protect users from ransomware, spyware, viruses, dangerous websites, phishing, adware, spams, and so much more.
Protects Any Device
It doesn’t matter where you log in, Kaspersky Internet Security is supported on almost all devices running on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. All its features work on all these operating systems so you can be confident that all risks are wiped off as you go online.
Privacy Protection
Kaspersky Internet Security protects your identity, sensitive data, network, and financial accounts from trackers and hackers who try to find out what you are doing online. Even your webcam can be manipulated by cybercriminals but with Kaspersky, they won’t stand a chance to connect to your webcam.
Secured Connection
Kaspersky makes it safer for you to connect online and visit any website, thanks to its intelligent scanning tool. Even when you are on public WiFi, there’s need to worry as Kaspersky automatically blocks threats when it detects one.
Safer Shopping
Shop until you drop without exposing your financial data and your activities or losing your money to cybercriminals. Kaspersky shields your browsing data and adds extra layers of protection to keep you safe from the time you log in until you log out.
Security for Kids
Strict Parent COntrol features to keep children safe as they go online unattended. Manage the apps they download and open and block their personal information being stolen
The security software you use shouldn’t get in the way while you work on your devices. Kaspersky Internet Security was designed to install easily and comes with a simpler user interface so than non-tech savvy people can still be protected without going through complicated menus and tools.

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27 reviews for Kaspersky Internet Security

  1. Terry Brooke

    I think this is the best AV I’ve ever used for protection, efficiency, and ease of use since I still use many other AV brands, some of which can’t guarantee the 3 requirements like protection, performance, and ease of use. But Kaspersky has both of them, I’m glad to use this AV, and I’m proud to use this product from 5 years ago until now.

  2. Trevor Walters

    Simply superb!! My Kaspersky Internet Security is awesome. Many features make my digital life so affordable.

  3. Yvonne Day

    So good so far. It takes me to a secure private page every time I go to my bank’s website, which is awesome. On top of it, I can monitor who can hack into my camera, despite all the scary stories of compromised webcams, which is a bonus.

  4. Algianna Garner

    If you’re looking for something that you want to keep you safe from hackers, frauds, you name it, then Kaspersky is really for you! It’s simple and easy to use, yet so effective!

  5. Camden Ellis

    This antivirus performed admirably on my computer. The performance was maintained, and the ease of use was excellent. In both times, I felt secure when using my computer. While a little pricey, Kaspersky has a decent reputation, and this product lives up to it. I recommend this product.

  6. Isaac Wong

    Kaspersky is one of the best out there in terms of malware and virus security. It comes with some cool extra features, and it’s straightforward to use. But before you use this product, there are a few important things you need to know about Kaspersky’s “Cloud Protection” Features.

  7. Axel Greig

    Kaspersky’s protection in real-time is perfect. It actively searches the device for something that could cause doubt, and it worked wonderfully in my tests, immediately blocking all the malware that I threw at it with near-perfect detection.

  8. Rhia Ratcliffe

    The best company for security for computers and phones. They make sure you’re always safe. The price of 1 year is excellent, and they do offer free limited protections. They have a five-star rating. One year is around $14.00 that you can’t beat for internet protection.

  9. Bailey Mcguire

    It’s simple to set up on our desktops, laptops, and Android phones. It ensures that it works every day. It has useful features such as a secure wifi connection. Does a great dashboard that shows all relevant Kaspersky results in a convenient location.

  10. Alivia Meyers

    It completely secures us and offers home usage for our daily use of e-mails, network surfing, and spacewalking PCs.

  11. Skyla Gilmore

    Excellent software. It stops all types of spyware and malware. Also, it safeguards your email account. Overall, a fantastic product. I was employing Norton. I could not perform the work of safeguarding my home’s four computers and four laptops. I believe the program is protecting our whole family’s privacy. I would recommend this to anyone concerned about their security.

  12. Shona York

    This antivirus performed well on my computer. The performance was maintained, and the simplicity of use was excellent. In all instances, I felt secure when using my computer. Although a bit pricey, Kaspersky has an excellent reputation, and this software stands up to it.

  13. Allison Ricks

    Stops all kinds of spyware malware. Protects your email account—overall, a great product. I would recommend this to anyone who has security issues. I could not do the job securing the 4 desktops and 4 laptops in my home. I feel the software is protecting our family’s privacy.

  14. King Clay

    Best antivirus. I recommend it. My home computer, phones work very well with it.

  15. Dave Irwin

    Ease of use. If you are new to 3D cad, you have a steep learning curve, but once you get to grip the basics, TurboCAD is very intuitive. Modify tools allow you to create complex geometry and refine 3D models. Your imagination only limits you. I have not come across a design that I could not draw.

  16. Penelope Cousins

    You want an anti-virus solution that works silently in the background. Kaspersky frequently displays incomprehensible warnings, leaving you totally unsure that what you’re doing is safe – even when it isn’t in the least way suspicious.

  17. Albert Wall

    I’ve been using Kaspersky for over a decade, and it provides the best security for various devices.

  18. Xanthe Cook

    On my PC, this antivirus performed well. The performance was consistent, and the simplicity of use was outstanding. On all occasions, I felt secure while using my PC. Although a little on the pricey side, Kaspersky has a strong reputation and this software lives up to that reputation.

  19. Kayleigh Thomas

    This antivirus program performed well on my PC. The performance was consistent, and the simplicity of use was excellent. 

  20. Alisha Adams

    I was using the free Kaspersky program and had no issues.

  21. Zaina Compton

    Definitely a good software program. It doesn’t slow down your computer and scans aren’t very long.

  22. Sion England

    I used and enjoyed this antivirus protection tool, but it was a little pricy for what it provided. Many of its functions are available for free with competing antivirus security software.

  23. Taine Hunter

    I’ve been using Kaspersky for about two years, and so far, everything has been fine. 

  24. Jessie Matthams

    Kaspersky works on all devices. Android, Mac Windows, IOS. I’ve tried other antivirus software, but Kaspersky Internet Security beats them all. Has a small footprint and uses few resources. It works fast and doesn’t slow down my computer.

  25. Lottie Bloggs

    I’ve been using Kaspersky for many years. It’s fast and does an excellent job at geeking your devices safe.

  26. Anne Mcintosh

    Kaspersky is a good product, with excellent malware detection rates, lots of useful and well-made features.

  27. Abigail Galloway

    Kaspersky’s Smart Home Monitor lets you see all of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. It’s a cool inclusion, but it’s super basic.

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