Broderbund: The PrintShop 6 Deluxe (ESD)

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Entice your customers and all your audience with your unique and audience with a magical touch of PrintShop 5 Deluxe! Prepare and finish your compelling design projects efficiently! Give this affordable and powerful software a chance to help you create, enhance, and transform your design into a sophisticated obra.

The PrintShop 5 Deluxe Product Highlights:

  • Easy print and design capabilities with new Avery templates
  • New event management capabilities
  •  Built-in photo editor
  • Access to 10000 professional templates and royalty-free images
  • The new Avery templates come with Easy print and design capabilities
  • More powerful event management capabilities
  • Easy built-in image editor
  • This is a non-renewable digital license
  • This license only works on Windows devices.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

Broderbund PrintShop 6 Deluxe (ESD) was created especially for home and office designs. It’s packed with powerful but simple to use photo editing tools, page layout features, creative texts, and a lot more. You will find over 4,800 pre-designed templates, over 193,000 clip arts, effects, and images you can use to create more impressive prints to suit any taste.

Impressive Headlines

Add some pizazz to your headers with text effects like gradients, drop shadows, block letters, 3D effects, text in shapes, and more!

Create and Save Custom Text Styles

Create and save custom text formatting styles to use wherever you need to make reformatting easy.

Printing and Publishing Tools

The Print Shop supports a variety of printers, paper sizes, and duplex printing. Save and share as a PDF, publish to HTML (website, social media, email), and print professionally.

New Project Wizard

Making the design process easy from start to finish.

Social Media Templates

Keep your social media pages looking fresh.

Additional Event Management Features

Add reoccurring events, weekend/weekday only events, add contact and invite contacts to events.

New Design Tools and Features 

Improve your designs with the new tools that come with the new Move and delete pages within page preview, snap to grid functionality, resize images to their original size, resize group objects, ability to edit background images.

9 reviews for Broderbund: The PrintShop 6 Deluxe (ESD)

  1. Mannie Graves

    Print Shop is very good software. I used it to design and print all of my candle labels, including images, various fonts, semi-circle patterns, coloring, and more to create professional-looking labels. Nobody will ever know that I did it on my own!

  2. Anne-Marie Holmes

    It was fun to make easy changes. I used it for marketing and advertisement. I used it to make fliers for it, and it works fine. It is effortless to use. There’s a lot you can do about it, but it’s really user-friendly. A computer beginner will make perfect prints for cards, invites, company fliers, and more. It’s a perfect beginner application for printing.

  3. Nia Holcomb

    I like how versatile The Print Shop is. I’ve been using it for years, and it is so much easier than Microsoft Publisher.

  4. Victoria Roberts

    It was great for making simple ads. I used it for promo and advertising. I used it to make fliers with it, and it works well.

  5. Floyd Raymond

    This software is best suited for small projects. Before considering this software for large projects, I recommend choosing an evaluation copy and try out few samples.

  6. Maddison Sparks

    I bought this application since my previous program (which cost five times as much) would not save my edited images as.jpg files. Printmaster has no such restriction while still delivering all of the editing features I regularly use.

  7. Andrews Lennox

    I’ve created flyers with this program for years. It is pretty easy to use.

  8. Xanthe Noble

    “Print Shop is extremely user-friendly, and can give even a novice designer the ability to create professional looking advertising posters, one-sheets or commercial ads.

  9. Keiran Allan

    I really like all the different projects that you can create. Greeting cards, banners, business cards, flyers and even gift certificates for your company.

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