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Everyone wants to make their online presence simpler but safer and it’s now possible with Avast Ultimate. This bundle offers users a cost-effective software solution to keep their browsing secured without making their PC run slower. With everything that your PC needs fo better performance, Avast Ultimate is definitely something that you should consider investing in.

Avast Ultimate PC Protection and Booster Suite Product Highlights

  • Experience premium protection with Avast Premier.
  • Block all hidden spies with Secure Line VPN.
  • Keep your PC running at its best with Cleanup Premium.
  • Remember your account login details while keeping them safe with Passwords Premium.
  • This is a digital product compatible with Windows PC only.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

Avast Ultimate security suite is more than just an antivirus. It has all the products you need to secure and boost your Windows device to keep them performing at its best.

Avast combined its antivirus software with its VPN, PC cleanup, and password manager programs to help its users feel at ease as they use their devices. The Ultimate suite will help you block all known cyber threats, keep your identity safe as you go online, organize and protect your accounts’ login credentials, and clean up your PC to enjoy optimum engine performance.

There’s nothing else you’ll probably need with an Avast Ultimate on your PC. Get this bundle from Softvire US and you never have to worry about anything while working on your PC.

Avast Premium Security for Total Online Protection

Avast uses advanced security protection to eliminate even the toughest and newest type of viruses and malware. It also takes care of your online connection by scanning your Wi-Fi for possible threats. Use it as you go online and be safe while you do your online transactions.

Secure Line VPN Keeps Your Identity Private Online 

Never let cybercriminals spy on your online activities by keeping a wall between them and your PC. With Avast Secureline, you can make your banking, browsing, shopping and messaging completely private. Now, there’s no more chance for cybercriminals to steal anything from you.

Cleanup Premium and PC Tuneup

Are you done working on a slow PC but even erasing files doesn’t make it run any faster? Then it’s time to let Avast Cleanup Premium do its job. This program was designed to junk unnecessary files and programs to make your computer working faster and more efficiently. It also helps you look into your PC’s overall health and improve its state with its one-click maintenance feature.

Password Premium Manager Secures Your Accounts Online

Sticking with one set of usernames and passwords can make your life easier but never safer. Set different complex login credentials for different accounts to make it more difficult for cybercriminals to hack your accounts.

Keep track of these login details with the secured autofill feature of Password Manager. You can also use one master password for faster logins. Don’t worry about cybercriminals taking over your account. With Avast’s Password Manager, you will be notified when your login details have been compromised.

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21 reviews for Avast Ultimate

  1. Frederick Arnold

    Avast was really good. Since I was using it, I have not had any issues. My computer has been online at all times. I prefer Avast. My computer was kept clean by Avast. The rate is highly competitive.

  2. Elisha Pratt

    AVG Ultimate is a complete online security solution that includes internet security, VPN services, and PC and mobile device tune-ups.

  3. Arthur Matthews

    I was impressed with the price of robust protection. I was still using Avast on one of my laptops, and then the license expired. I wanted to use Avast Ultimate on all of my devices. Well, I trust the defense. Installing for what are, in effect, three different programs were a little more complicated than it needs to be, but I still set it up quickly—highly suggested.

  4. Luke Taylor

    Avast Ultimate is everything that I need to look after all my devices in one convenient premium suite. I loved this antivirus to block all malware and ransomware, VPN for online privacy, and tuneUp tools. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for this kind of software.

  5. Belle Haas

    Avast provides excellent general protection against all kinds of infections, including trojans and malware. The virus database is automatically and constantly updated, allowing the computer to be protected from new infections as they emerge. Avast has the capacity to evaluate any removable disk that is placed into the computer instantly and automatically, searching for viruses in that drive in only a few seconds.

  6. Dixie Fields

    I recommend its use to anyone looking for a product capable of protecting the computer from external threats. I find it very useful, especially for startup scanning.

  7. Gurpreet Young

    It’s perfectly delivering what it promises and more. It’s beneficial to uninstall files, images, audio, videos. Whatever appears to be corrupted or places the computer at risk.

  8. Kieran Whittaker

    I’ve been using avast for years, and I still have the cleanup. Since I already had it, all I had to do was enter the activation code. That’s it, and you get two years of protection for the price of one. I wish I had learned this earlier. I would recommend that you wait for your previous subscription to expire before entering the new code.

  9. Phillip Dunkley

    Avast recommends that you enable App Locking during installation. This feature allows you to protect some apps with a supplementary PIN code. Avast suggests what you should secure, starting with Settings.

  10. Georgina Chandler

    Using this program makes me feel safe since it’s a high-quality antivirus that lets us check the health of our computers and avoid malicious files that could damage our data. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction because it looks great. Its functional, and consumes negligible RAM without slowing down the computer, so I believe it’s going in the right direction and protecting our data.

  11. Olly Hartman

    Avast is one of the best PC security and maintenance programs available to all computer users. It includes superior and safe protection features that notify and guide users about virus risks, IP address exposure, and components that slow down PC performance.

  12. Luna Leblanc

    The app instantly and quickly detects and removes trash files, repairs registry errors, and removes bloatware programs, allowing your device to breathe life into it.

  13. Marian Forster

    Thank you very much to the guy who checked and guided me on how to install this product. It’s straightforward to set up, and I believe it’s improved my speed.

  14. Lowri Dunn

    Avast is one of the top PC protection and maintenance programs available to all computer users. It includes superior and safe security capabilities that notify and educate users about virus risks, IP address exposure, and components that slow down PC performance.

  15. Cavan Kramer

    Excellent program! It also comes with a money-saving app that displays lower-priced items and discounts. My computer has been infected with many viruses and trojan horses as a result of this program! The pricing is reasonable since it is free, but you may purchase the complete software for an annual cost. They are constantly up to current on virus definitions, and simple instructions are provided throughout the system!

  16. Nicholas Kline

    Overall, I would strongly suggest Avast to any type of business. Even though the annual or monthly costs may seem high to you right now, it’s worth it to buy Avast when you think about how dangerous infections can be and how much damage they can do.

  17. Garrett Cleveland

    It is pretty excellent for me. Thank you!

  18. Autumn Gentry

    Avast Antivirus is a typically good tool that will keep your computer safe.

  19. Arthur Logan

    For almost four years, I’ve used Avast Ultimate on my Android smartphone and have always found it to be quite excellent.

  20. Charlotte Walker

    I like this antivirus. It has protected my pc from so many attacks and malwares. All the features are perfect and awesome.

  21. Angela Martins

    Easy to install and easy to use. Effortless to install. Got it for a good deal.

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