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Be backed up by the world’s number 1 cloud storage, backup, restoration, and duplication service. Acronis True Image uses advanced backup and AI-based cybersecurity technologies so you can be confident that you won’t lose essential data, OS, partition, or an entire system. It’s easy to use and quick to restore your files.

Acronis True Image Product Highlights:

  • Easy to use intuitive backup software and recovery service
  • Reliable AI cyber protection
  • Backups everything in your device in just a few clicks
  • This is a digital license for 1/3/5  Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android devices

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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

When you want a true, secured backup, Acronis Ture Image should be the software service you avail of. It remains to be the #1 backup with a cybersecurity solution. Acronis True Image is easy to use, efficient and protected by cybersecurity technologies through its integrated AI-based defense against cryptojacking and ransomware. So back up everything you value from apps, photos, videos, settings, operating systems, and so much more. Its active disk cloning is truly world-class. Clone disks even when your system disks are in use. And it supports almost all devices from Windows to macOS; iOS to Android.

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Dual Protection

Protect your data by storing them in a safe and reliable data center. Acronis True Image makes the 3-2-1 backup strategy easier and more efficient by offering you a huge cloud storage allowance to replace your local backup drives. Backing up is automatic, so you don’t have to worry that you missed a file. It’s so easy to recover off-site copies, too, and Acronis make them available anytime you need them.

Custom Power Management

Creating backups of big files or the entire system can drain your device’s battery. Acronis, though, lets you manage your backups so they won’t be hard on your device. Set the minimum power level when creating backups, and Acronis True Image will adjust its activity accordingly.

Power Nap Backups

Mac users can now do their backups while they sleep, thanks to the Power Nap feature of Acronis True Image. The software automatically backups data while Mac devices go on their Power Nap mode, and you don’t have to worry about losing what you worked hard on because it captures the changes you made too!

Cloud Restores

Restoring backups is easy and efficient with Acronis. Its backup technology and data duplication are now better, faster, more reliable, and easier to use.

Enriched Anti-Ransomware

The number one enemy of cloud storage is ransomware which intends to steal data cybercriminals can use to blackmail the owner. But if you are on Acronis True Image, you won’t ever fall victim to this scheme. Acronis improves its anti-ransomware feature regularly to stop ransomware attacks. It uses machine learning technology to find out about new threats and constantly comes up with a solution to fight them.

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28 reviews for Acronis True Image

  1. Terrence Perkins

    It’s been beneficial in my work since I’m a computer specialist because most of the failures I’m taking care of are malware issues that typically end up in PC configuration. After all, my clients’ biggest concern is that they’re missing data. I need to have a backup to have all the backup details and continue to use it without any hassle because this is preciseness.

  2. Samantha Haynes

    If you are looking for the fastest, most complete, and most effective backup solution on the market, Acronis True Image is undoubtedly the best option. There is nothing related to the backup you do not do and any option you do not provide. But I would like to warn those users who are “new” in the area and that the software may be a little complicated for those who want to make a simple backup.

  3. Jax Bostock

    Thanks to Acronis True Image, we can ensure to our organization that important data is totally backed up and restoration options are set in place for our clients. Also, we can now offer centralized backups for clients so they can virtualize all their media files and sensitive data.

  4. Ryan Falkner

    The bootable disk is amazing for backup the drive and copies the same system drive on another new drive. I really like that. It is an excellent application for cloning.

  5. Paula Roth

    Its bootable disk is handy for backing up the drive and copying the same device driver to a different drive.

  6. Keara Newman

    The good thing about this program is how simple it is to customize it. The app is available in various languages, which is awesome. Add a point to the Cloud connection and the ability to do encrypted copying.

  7. Braeden Cook

    Acronis True Image is one of the most robust cloud storage providers I’ve been used, and it’s definitely the most full-featured.

  8. Elis Oliver

    Acronis is an excellent product.

  9. Garfield Hendricks

    Without a doubt, Acronis True Image is a fantastic software program. So far, they are one of my best solutions due to the ability to make copies of data and photographs from the hard drive in the cloud.

  10. Honey Neale

    Acronis True Image is one of my primary tools for creating a complete duplicate of my hard drive since it is a pretty comprehensive program with a plethora of features that make it one of the best.

  11. Jo Hawkins

    The good thing about this program is how simple it is to customize it. The app is available in various languages, which is awesome. Add a point to the Cloud connection and the ability to do encrypted copying.

  12. David Betts

    Its bootable disk is handy for backing up the drive and copying the same system drive to a new drive.

  13. Colby Duke

    Simple to use and understand. It has enough features to be very useful, but it doesn’t get too complex.

  14. Rosemarie Haynes

    True Image by Acronis It has really aided me in keeping my information secure and allowed me to make a full backup of my hard drive in the cloud with no effort. It should also be noted that because of its efficiency, adaptability, and safety, I can unequivocally suggest it.

  15. Keeley Bell

    This program is so basic and easy that you can use it without any training or hard effort, which really is wonderful for our large team.

  16. Deniz Parks

    You can easily back up and restore Windows images with Acronis.

  17. Hannah Stewart

    The ability to make a full backup of your computer/laptop, backup of file locations, and improved ransomware protection. It also provides the option to backup to another disk, over the network to a shared location, or even to the cloud service.

  18. Gregor Davies

    What I like most about Acronis because I can back up and encrypt all of my operating systems, department data, and applications and quickly and accurately restore everything. This product is so easy that you can use it without training or effort, which is great since our staff is extensive and we haven’t had any issues.

  19. Thomas Graysen

    The backup process is quick once the first image is generated. Also, the recovery operating is emerging well on most PCs, and you can set the specifics of every backup down to the sector level, which is a nice feature.

  20. Jones Bailey

    What I like about the genuine image is that it becomes pretty comprehensive and practical due to its breadth of possibilities. Acronis actual image’s loading speed is excellent, without a doubt the fastest I’ve tested.

  21. Tim Bailey

    I like most about Acronis because I can create a comprehensive backup and encryption of my operating system, department data, and applications and accurately restore everything.

  22. Anne Garrison

    For the price, this is one of the best and has a lot of features, but it’s also quite simple to use for tech-savvy people.

  23. Killian Ferry

    Acronis has many valuable tools, but i use the boot media creator paired with the clone a drive tool.

  24. Deborah Morris

    There is no question that Acronis True Image is superb software. Making backups of my data on the cloud, where I may save files and images, has proven to be one of my most viable options.

  25. Keira Chaney

    I love the customizable backup settings, which allow me to schedule backups and choose backup locations. The recovery process is quick and efficient. I highly recommend this software to anyone looking for a reliable backup and recovery option.

  26. Talha Villegas

    The tool is very easy to use. It does not require technical expertise to use this tool. I believe that anyone can use this tool with ease.

  27. Jordyn Lennon

    Acronis True Image is, without a doubt, a superb piece of software. So far, this is one of my best options because of the ability to make copies of data and photographs from the hard drive in the cloud.

  28. Emily Wong

    Acronis True Image is hands down the best backup software I’ve ever used.

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