Dragon Professional Group

Dragon Professional Group
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    Dragon Professional Group (ESD)

    Help boost your company’s profitability by improving your worker’s overall productivity. Nuance Dragon Professional Group helps free more time from your employees’ schedule so they can work on more tasks. Document creation will no longer consume so much time from typing and correcting typograpical errors. With Dragon, documentation is almost automatic where all you need to do is to dictate what the software needs to transcribe. This makes it faster for you to achieve your business goal! Get it today at its best price on Softvire US!

    Dragon Professional Group Product Highlights:

    • Track employee’s Dragon usage on Central management
    • Fast and 99% accurate document creation through transcription
    • Never miss a deadline
    • Deliver documents with lesser typo errors
    • Eliminate repetitive tasks that cause fatigue and stress
    • This is a digital license that supports Windows devices only
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