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    Dragon Professional Individual 15 - Downloadable (ESD)

    4.42 out of 5

    Dragon Professional Individual 15 – Downloadable (ESD)

    Part Number: ESN-K809X-W00-15.0

    SKU: SV-NU07

    Get more done with Dragon Professional Individual 15. Don’t stick around with inefficient ways of getting things done. Dragon Professional lets you create emails, documents, and surf the web without lifting a finger. Train your Dragon software to recognize your voice to achieve even higher accuracy and efficiency.

    Dragon Professional Individual 15 Product Highlights:

    • Complete your written documents through dictation.
    • Use your voice to activate digital shortcuts.
    • Customize your speech recognition experience.
    • Enjoy features designed with business in mind.
    • With more control over images and spreadsheets.
    • This product is a digital license.
    • This product supports only Windows and mobile devices.
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